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Most Sikhs choose to be married in a Gurudwara, although Dr. Singh and Leela have respectfully come to believe that weddings at natural destination settings can increase feelings of unity and enhance spiritual insight. That is why they have performed hundreds of weddings over the last 20 years and continue receiving plenty of positive feedback.  They want to make sure that LOVING couples would not be denied an Authentic Traditional Anand Karaj at any location or destination in the world regardless of their color or faith. … Thus began their passionate journey as innovative Destination Sikh Wedding Officiants.

Their extensive Destination Wedding experience is a welcome relief for couples allowing them to enjoy a stress free wedding ceremony. They design and deliver their wedding ceremonies with the utmost integrity, with a compulsive attention to detail leaving a trail of satisfied clients around the globe.

Destination Sikh Wedding outside Gurudwara


Destination Sikh weddings require an understanding of both the host culture and client, and fluency in their respective languages. Dr. Freedom Singh can communicate very effectively in Punjabi, English, Spanish, and Swahili.

Couples who are looking for Sikh Wedding Priests who are caring, reliable, understanding, and accommodating will love the expertise and passion brought to the Anand Karaj Ceremony by Dr. Freedom Singh and Leela Kaur. They are Your Perfect Choice!



  • The Adi Granth Sahib ji - Sikh Scriptures are brought respectfully along with Manji, Ramalla set, Chandni, Chaur, and Kirpan to bless Parshaad.
  • 90% of Sound System.
  • Rehearsal Meeting before Ceremony.
  • The Milnee Ardaas.
  • ALL the Traditional Anand Karaj Ceremony, including the singing of Gurbani Kirtan, reading and singing of Lavaan, Ardaas, and blessing of Parshaad.
  • Dr. Freedom Singh reads all 4 Lavaans first, then with his partner Leela, sings the Lavaan as the couple walks around the scriptures.

NOT Included

  • Traditional Parshaad or Deg - many resorts do not allow the preparation of Parshaad by a family member for health and safety reasons. Dried fruit and nuts are an acceptable, healthier, and easier alternative.
  • Head coverings - ramaals/chunees.
  • Decoration of the ceremony room, sheets and cushions for the floor, altar setup.
  • Speakers for Sound System.
  • An individual to wave the Chaur during the ceremony when Dr. Freedom Singh is singing.

Also Provided

  • Telephone/Facetime Consultations to go over the ceremony details.
  • A thorough PDF file outlining the full ceremony requirements for the resort wedding planner.
  • A concise PDF file handout outlining the Sikh Wedding Ceremony and protocol to be shared with the guests and family a few weeks prior to the ceremony, which can be placed on your wedding website prior to the wedding, and/or printed as a guide during the ceremony.
  • PLEASE NOTE: Dr. Freedom Singh has a set of Sikh Scriptures in Mexico.
About Us

Sikh Officiants

Dr. Freedom Singh and Leela Kaur have been living in the Greater Vancouver, Canada area for the past 25 years.  When they are not on tour, living next to an enchanted temperate rainforest constantly rejuvenates and nourishes their beings.

They both have a deep passion for singing spiritual music, and have been sharing their magical voices singing Gurbani Kirtan at Destination Sikh Weddings for the past twenty years.

Dr. Freedom Singh was baptised at the age of 16 at Anandpur Sahib, India and has sung Kirtan in all the 5 major Takhats (Sikh Shrines), while his partner Leela has been educated and trained as a professional soprano, and in devotional Indian Music.  During one of their global tours, they lived in India for one year, at which time they recorded a Kirtan Music cd for Times Music India which is available on iTunes.


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Sikh Wedding Testimonial for Dr. Freedom Singh and Leela Kaur


Testimonials about Sikh Wedding Priest

Sikh Wedding Moon PalaceKristy & Gurdeep Dhaliwal, Moon Palace, Cancun - I must say choosing Freedom and Leela to officiate our wedding was one of the best decisions we have ever made. Trying to mix two cultures can sometimes be challenging but with Freedom and Leela everyone felt included, welcomed and was able to understand not only what was happening but the meaning behind the ceremony. They brought so much love and joy into our ceremony, you couldn't help but smile and recognize the love in everyone around you. We were so lucky to have found such an amazing couple and our guests were so impressed with them. Not only did they perform a breathtaking ceremony but they took the time to get to know us, our family and our friends, they even made it to our Catholic ceremony where Leela offered to sing so beautifully for us. If you have the chance to work with Freedom and Leela, do it. You won't regret it!! Thank you Freedom and Leela for making our week truly amazing.

Sikh Wedding mexico

Gurleen & Shevani, Hardrock Riviera Maya - Dr. Freedom and Leela were outstanding before, during, and after our wedding ceremony. The services were beautiful, and each one of my friends and family members came to me afterward and told me that they took a personal message from the ceremony. That meant the world to me because it tells me they were engrossed in the moment and it helped them for the better. On a personal level, Dr. Freedom is a very easygoing individual and I've enjoyed talking with him/asking for advice even after our wedding ceremony. Highly recommended!

Sikh Wedding Toronto

Amrit & Amanda Ahluwalia - We were lucky enough to have Dr. Freedom and Leela perform an Anand Karaj for us in Toronto last weekend and we are still hearing positive feedback from guests and family. They created an air of peace and harmony that is hard to describe, and that I have never experienced before in a Gurdwara setting. Many of our family and guests were neither Punjabi nor Sikh, and were expecting to sit through an hour long ceremony during which they would not know what was going on. They were all pleasantly surprised to understand the entire ceremony and the meaning behind everything happening. Thank you both for being such an integral part of this celebration!


Jimmy & Joti - Dr. Freedom and Leela performed a beautiful marriage ceremony for us in Riviera Maya, Mexico. The meeting they held with us the day before allowed us to run through the next days' events and helped us to have a stress free wedding day! They have alot of experience with destination weddings and that was a relief for us as the couple and allowed us to truly enjoy our wedding day. We received so many compliments from our guests afterwards on the beautiful outdoor ceremony and the wonderful Kirtan that was performed. Our friends appreciated that they could follow along as the ceremony and explanations were done in English and Punjabi. A wonderful experience. Thank you again.

dbDolly Brar - Freedom and Leela conducted our daughter Valarie Kaur's Destination Wedding in Costa Rica. They not only performed a Hindu Sikh Wedding Ceremony but also gave us momentous evenings of music during Mehndi and for Mayian on the beach. Every time we think back on that special time in our life, we smile with thankful hearts. Freedom and Leela's presence made the events so special and meaningful. Their mesmerizing songs and Kirtan still fill our hearts with sheer joy. Their wonderful energy was contagious, they were so supportive and very attuned to the couple´s desires and our personal wishes. Our event would not have turned out the same without you and for that we are eternally grateful!!


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