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Dr. Freedom Singh and Leela have been passionately singing KIrtan and spiritual music with their uplifting voices at destination Indian Weddings and Sikh Weddings for more than two decades. Their respect, expertise, compassionate approach and relaxed attitude is very helpful for couples wanting that perfect destination wedding. They have conducted enough destination Anand Karaj ceremonies to know of the finer details required for a flawless ceremony. The Sikh wedding is respectfully presented whilst preserving all the mandatory Sikh Indian Wedding traditions and customs.

Both Sikh officiants are in their late 50’s, a similar age bracket as most couples' parents. They have vowed to take a personal meaningful approach to each ceremony and couple, personalizing all elements of the Anand Karaj focusing on the families and attendees backgrounds. They share practical words of day-to-day living with a personal message for each couple for a healthy marriage at their Indian weddings in Mexico. They are a multi-racial couple and have a clear understanding of how to deal with the dynamics of both Sikh Interfaith wedding couples and traditional Sikh couples and families at Indian destination wedding ceremonies around the globe.

When they are not traveling​ in the Caribbean or in Mexico​, they appreciate the natural energy and vibe of Canadians and Canada which always rejuvenates​ and feeds their souls so they can continue offering a loving, cherishing and compassionate ceremony.

Indian wedding planner in Mexico, Indian destination wedding Mexico

They have understood that a profound, more sincere connection could be experienced by participants when leading services in a natural environment, outside a Gurdwara in the Cancun, Mexico region. In this way, working with Indian Wedding Planners, they have made their life-to long commitment to share this beautiful and meaningful experience with like-minded people.

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