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Dr. Freedom Singh and Leela ​have been passionately singing KIrtan and spiritual music with their beautiful voices at Anand Karaj Ceremonies and Interfaith Sikh Destination Weddings for the past 20 years.​ Their expertise, passion, caring and accommodating attitude brings ceremonies to another level, whilst preserving all the mandatory Sikh Wedding traditions and customs.

​As officiants in their mid-50's, in the same age bracket as most couples' parents, they take a personal approach to each ceremony, looking at the couple as their own children sharing words of practical wisdom and tips for a healthy relationship and marriage. Being a multi-racial couple, they have first-hand experience and a clear understanding of how to deal with the dynamics of both​ interfaith and traditional couples and families at Sikh Interfaith Wedding Marriages.

When they are not travelling, they enjoy the temperate rain​forest in Vancouver which constantly rejuvenat​es and nourishes their souls so they ​can continue to offer a loving and compassionate ceremony.

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They have realized that a deeper, more heartfelt connection could be experienced by attendees when conducting ceremonies in a natural surroundings, outside a Gurdwara. Subsequently, they have made their life-long commitment to share this phenomenal experience with like-minded individuals.

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